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Pragmafix RPS Tool for iPhone & Android Phones

  • Solve the problem of traditional grinding pen beater, no vibration rotation at high speed, and grinding chip more secure.
  • Long gourd appearance design is more comfortable to hold
  • Set 5 different specifications, suitable for repairing IC chip grinding, motherboard¬†cutting, bracket, polishing edge, etc.
  • 3-speed settings to meet different operation requirements
  • USB connection, easier to use
  • Rechargeable

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Pragmafix RPS Tool for iPhone & Android Phones (First in the World)

Pragmafix 1st in THE WORLD

The only Schematics Products that provide their own measurement tools and connected to our Software, have a feature PC Multi-Meter & Fault Finder – Navigation to thousand mobile phone models, for all problem category and continue update since 3 years ago till today, every day 1 new mobile phone models all problem category, all software you use is only Pragmafix, just like we say before, we are not just PDF schematics, PDF layout, PDF picture with many color line that make you confuse and dizzy, we are not just bitmap and bitmap multi-layer with best all functions that we have, we are not just borad-view for laptop and
PC main-board, we are not just collection of laptop and PC main-board schematics and layout PDF, we are not just have collection of datasheet component in PDF, we are not just have bunch of mentoring books that we
write it, we are not just giving mentoring video, we are not just give circuit tracking and show in 7 multi-meter diode value on it, we are not just have file flash download cloud storage, yes we have all of that, but we have something very special, we have Device, we have database for hardware measurement value, we have troubleshooting solution in interactive ways, we navigate and communicate with our device !!

RPS use Multimeter Feature inside Pragmafix

Passive measurement Dioda and Resistance at the Same time you can combine with our bitmap, that have Dioda Value inside the bitmap as shown on the picture in the same time you can open our multi-meter.
window and measure your customer main board, you can open also our circuit tracking, our schematics, or whatever guidance that you need to measure

Active measurement Volt meter to test all input or output of LDO and SMPS inside mobile phone main board you can combine with our circuit tracking that will show you the location for voltage of ldo and smps from
power ic as shown on the picture, in the same time you can open our multi-meter window and measure your customer main board, you can open also our bitmap, schematics, or whatever you need to measure

Power Supply analyzer Current or Ampere meter, in Digital, Gauge and Plotter / bar graph, so you can know the Current Consumption form mobile phone in every mili second, you can change also the time per div
and current per div, just like oscilloscope but for current, you of course you can open your camera, and capture it and save it to your database, you can know each model main board consumption with a graph, its good
right ? we deploy this before any power supply product use this idea it, just like 10 years ago for this concept

You can use also for Charging Current consumption monitoring, or booting use USB / v bus, its very fast to analyze what step of booting procedure that has been mall function, because we don’t show the ampere ( Y )
only, Pragmafix will show time in ( X ) when it happen for each mili second, you can also using bar graph feature to get more detail value

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