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Mechanic MC75T-B11 Microscope With 0.5X Zooming Lens

Microscope Type:

  • The MECHANIC MC75T-B11 is a digital or optical microscope with a 0.5x zooming lens
  • Allowing for adjustable magnification levels.


  • The microscope likely provides variable magnification levels due to the 0.5x zooming lens
  • Enabling users to observe objects or components at different magnification ratios.


Rs.15,448.00 Rs.17,500.00

Mechanic MC75T-B11 Microscope With 0.5X Zooming Lens

1. Good pixels, high resolution, deep field, long working distance makes operation convenient and comfortable, CPU can connect to the external display

2. Large base plate, convenient for a series of work, will not lose parts, the base plate size is 195x256x20cm

3. LED lights can adjust the brightness, low power and safety, the inner size is 60mm, the input voltage is AC901-240V, the output power is 4.5W, the light color is white, the number of bulbs is 56pcs

4. Can be external work, the eyepiece is clearer, the operation is easier

Product Description : 

1. High Resolution: Capable of offering high-resolution imaging or viewing with clarity and detail, enabling users to inspect small details, defects, or characteristics of components.

2. Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including PCB inspection, soldering work, electronics repair, quality control in manufacturing, biological research, gemology, and more.

3. Adjustable Lens: The 0.5x zooming lens allows users to adjust the magnification, providing flexibility in observing various-sized objects or details.

4. Illumination: It might feature built-in LED lighting or an illumination source to enhance visibility and clarity while observing objects under the microscope.

5. Digital Features (if applicable): Some models might have digital capabilities, such as capturing images or videos for documentation or analysis purposes.

6. User Interface: This may include user-friendly controls and adjustments for focus, zoom, and illumination, facilitating ease of use and precision in observations.

Packing Details:

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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 20 cm
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