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Copper Heat Resistant Tape 10 mm

  • Heat Tape perfect for protecting sensitive printed circuit board (PCB) components such as gold fingers when wave soldering
  • Heat Resistant Tape is extensive use as heat tape for transformers, motors, coils, capacitors, and frequency conversion power supplies in the electronic industry
  • Heat transfer tape for vinyl. This heat transfer tape keeps your design in place when you are making shirts and hats, it help to do heat transfer vinyl on a heat press
  • High Temp Tape Size: Width: about 10mm/0.39in; Length: about 33m /108ft. Heat resistance: Short period Heat Resistance:260??500°F?Long period Heat Resistance:220??428°F
  • Heat Tape Color: mainly tawny, with No residue
  • Masking on printed circuit board during soldering
  • Masking for vacuum deposition
  • Holding samples or parts in a high vacuum
  • Positioning tape for cryo applications
  • Electrical insulation on transformer, coil, and electromotors

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Copper Heat Resistant Tape 10 mm


Copper heat-resistant tape 10 mm is a type of adhesive tape that is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. It is commonly used in various applications where heat insulation and protection are required. The content of copper heat-resistant tape refers to its composition and materials used. While I don’t have information on a specific brand or product, here are some general aspects of copper heat-resistant tape that you might find:

  1. Copper Foil: Copper heat-resistant tape typically has a base layer made of thin copper foil. Copper is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it suitable for heat-related applications.
  2. Adhesive: The tape usually features a high-temperature adhesive on one side of the copper foil. This adhesive is specifically formulated to withstand elevated temperatures without degrading or losing its bonding properties.
  3. Heat Resistance: Copper heat-resistant tape is designed to handle high temperatures and can typically withstand temperatures up to a certain limit, such as 200°C (392°F) or higher, depending on the specific product.
  4. Electrical Conductivity: Copper is also an excellent conductor of electricity. In some cases, copper heat-resistant tape may be used for electrical applications where both heat resistance and electrical conductivity are required.
  5. Width: The “10 mm” specification refers to the width of the tape, indicating that the tape is 10 millimeters wide. However, the width can vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications.

It’s important to note that specific products may have additional features or variations in their composition. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult the product information provided by the manufacturer or supplier for accurate details about a particular copper heat-resistant tape.


  • Material: Polyimide
  • Product: Kapton Tape
  • Heat Resistance: 280°C
  • Spindle type: Roll
  • Color: Metallic Brown
  • One-side self-adhesive
  • Length: 30 Meters
  • Width: 10 mm
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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 cm
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